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A Replat is simply a resubdivision of an existing recorded subdivision plat.  It is known by many names depending on the purpose of the resubdivision.

Annexation Map

Legal Descriptions & Easements

A legal description (also referred to as a land description, property description, or land boundary description) is "A written statement recognized by law as to the definite location of a tract of land by reference to a survey, recorded map or adjoining property." (from: Glossaries of BLM Surveying and Mapping Terms, Second Edition,1980)

Boulder County Replat


Lot Line Adjustment (LLA)

Sometimes called Boundary Line Adjustment and normally used to adjust a line between properties to satisfy an encroachment









Well Location Certificate



8.5" x 11" scaled drawing of the entire section containing the proposed well location.

Lot Line Elimination Plat (LLE)


This is also known as a Lot Consolidation Plat.  Lot lines forming the boundary between two or more conforming lots within the same subdivision, or between lots or parcels that have merged into one building site, may be eliminated through this simple replatting process.

Most commonly used to create a single parcel from 2 adjoining parcels.

Annexation Map - Town of Erie


The Annexation process provides the procedure by which land shall be brought into the jurisdiction of the Town of Erie.

All Annexation applicants are required to submit an Initial Zoning application with their Annexation application for concurrent processing; see the Initial Zoning User’s Guides for submittal requirements for this procedure.

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