9-Lot Minor Subdivision


The minor subdivision procedure is a process for development and review of subdivisions proposing a maximum of nine (9) lots, excluding those outlots which will not be used for residential, industrial or commercial purposes.

Minor Subdivision Processing Steps & Timeline

  1. Survey - Topography & Boundary - 21 days
  2. Sketch Plan - Weld Administrative Review - 60 Days
  3. Change of Zone - Board of County Commissioners* - 140 Days
  4. Final Plat - Board of County Commissioners - 90 Days
  5. Board of County Commissioners

Total: 311 Days

* Approval type depends on outcome of Change of Zone

Weld County Notes:

  1. Pre-application meeting is necessary for a Minor Subdivision Planning Web Site
  2. Drainage Report by Civil Engineer Required - in compliance with Section 24-7-110 of the Weld County Code.
  3. Geotechnical Report by Soils Engineer Required
  4. Preliminary Traffic Study by Transportation Engineer Required
  5. Owner must provide Authorized Agent letter for anyone other than owner to sign application and to act on agents behalf.
  6. Title commitment is required - a Certificate of Conveyance from a title commitment is required. Request this as early in the process as possible.
  7. Print "Statement of Taxes Due" from Treasurer's Web Site by inserting the account no. (i.e. R5206003)
  8. Lefthand Water referral letter - fill out application from web site, take to office in Niwot at 6800 Nimbus Rd. with a $25 check and they will get you a letter within a day usually. http://www.lefthandwater.org/Downloads/County_Referral_Review.pdf

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