The procedure for Minor Subdivisions, set forth in Municipal Code Title 10 – UDC Chapter 7, shall apply to subdivisions that create four or fewer lots. Parcels are eligible for Minor Subdivision only once, and further subdivisions or newly created parcels shall follow Preliminary and Final Plat procedures.


  1. An Applicant is required to schedule a pre-application conference with the Community Development Department before making a formal minor subdivision application submittal. The Applicant is responsible for bringing to the meeting a description of the character, location and magnitude of the proposed development that is supported by documents such as maps, drawings or models. The Applicant is also responsible for providing a summary of the meeting when the formal application materials are submitted to the Town.
  2. At the Applicant’s request, the Community Development Department will schedule at the next available Planning Commission meeting an application conference with the Planning Commission, which shall be in addition to the required pre-application conference.
  3. The Applicant shall submit, within 60 days of approval, to the Community Development Department the approved Plat Mylar, AutoCAD disk of plat, all associated documents, guarantees and payments due. If the documents and payments are not submitted within 60 days the plat approval becomes null and void and shall automatically lapse.
  4. Minor Amendment language attached below - Example = S105062

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